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Since an early age, Danish singer-songwriter Vingard has written songs drawn from her diary, in which she gives space for mistakes and expresses thoughts that often get caught in her mind.

At only 15 years of age, she wrote music for a German feature film and she has since then been touring the country. The Danish artist has been releasing music since 2017 and it has been receiving international radio airplay combined with performances on live television broadcasts.

More than 300 concerts have been played by her since she started writing songs and with her forthcoming releases, she is aiming directly toward the boundaries of Americana going from the little girl in flowery dresses to now diving into a rougher and sometimes harsh expression. With her rich voice, vulnerable lyrics, and present sound, she has found a solid place in the Americana field – recently took on the bigger stages and played a concert in Denmark for 5000 people.


Martin Tomlinson, CPH Listening Room

”Classy musicians, great vocals, and that indefinable thing – stage presence. Tine and her talented
band gave our audience something they really appreciate. Professionalism and quality.”


”(…) the vocals are stunning. Lyrically, the song (Sing) is very impressive. Vingard tells a beautiful
story. The Danish singer/songwriter delivers once again, she’so creative and artistic.”

Nordjyske Avis

“(…) myriader af kuldegysninger breder sig fra hårrødderne ned over ryggen. Hendes stemme knækker på de rette tidspunkter, og bandets folk / country lyd er selvsikker og fyldig.”


“I sine kompositioner har hun fokus på at vække stærke følelser og lytteren præsenteres for originale Americana-, folk- og countrysange hvor hun indtager rollen som den kompetente historiefortæller i front. En storyteller der tåler sammenligning med både Chris Stapleton, Dixie Chicks, First Aid Kit (…)”

“(…) Tines vokal emmer af en standhaftig kvinde med foden godt plantet i den musiske verden.”